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Name: Rebelwing6
Location: Being stuck in the spotlight of my family wanting me to get married *Asexual panic intensifies*
Gender: Female
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Please ask me before downloading my art. No; art trades, requests, or using my art without credit. My deviantart is linked above but 16+.

I question anyone who tries to tell me what to do. You don't control me nor will ever brainwash me. Im not easily trusting like that.

for those in my past, I apologize for my wrongs I have done. I thank you for the lessons I've learned about myself and my life. I'm using my troubles to hopefully help children/teens/adults who dealt with discrimination with being Ace/aro. No, you're not a psycho/sociopath from being Ace or aro.

Hello valuable person who happened to stumble on my profile,

I've dabbled in magic here and there, however I don't feel the constant need to do spells. I usually pray to my spirits or handle my own grievances. I've worked with spirits for quite some time while studying science.

I grew up with shoving my nose in the books and studying science alone, thus I really do not enjoy going out and wasting my energy to make friends who often ask for free things but never pay back. I deal with gender Dysphoria, (Agender), but I do my best to not let that get me down becuase it's life.

Favorite quote:

"While all of you people are breaking your bones, looking for love I was busy studying the blade."

I've been asked my orientation and identity so here it goes:

Gender: AgenderI really don't think of myself having a gender but I really don't care if you call me a female.

Orientation: Graysexual/Demi-Biromantic. Single and not ready to mingle.

Likes: Parapsychology,Criminal psychology, Technology, nuclear chemistry, energy drinks, books, cooking, contributing to pride and ace/aro forums, helping others like me, eating spicy food, rock/EDM/classical music, pickles, robotics, ice cream, and when people show that they are grateful.

Dislikes: Being hugged when I didnt ask for it, Large crowds of people, my computer dying in the middle of my work, hand cramps during drawing, BBQ sauce, snowflakes/people who need others to change their opinion becuase it'll make them feel good, Loud people, people assuming how I feel, homophobes/transphobes, people who procreate but judge others for their choices,biggots, rap music, and being spammed.

emotional empath- Not cognitive- slightly spiritual empath.

Don't be afraid to reach out to me if you need anything, besides me teaching and casting spells.

Independent patriot- Deal with it. Anti-radical and anti anarchy.

Karma: neutral positive

Lawful neutral.

Mood: Hungry but I hate vegan food.

Made it this far?

My mission on the earth:

to help others like me (Asexuals, Agender, trans, and Aromantic *Spectrum included*) Feel like they belong withoutthe ignorant and idiotic people judgingthem.

To find earlier detection, healing, and/or a full on cure for personality disorders such as;

Borderline personality disorders

Disassosiative identity disorder

Avoidant personality disorder

Paranoid personality disorder

Anti-social personalities- severity depends.

I acknowledge that I may not 100 percent complete what I want to do in this life time, but that's not going to stop me from trying what I can.

just because im not the biggest people lover, does not mean I don't want to help people. There are a few good people, so my hope is not lost.