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Name: xEmOaNgElx
Location: anywhere im loved.....if i am loved.......
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im emo!yay emos!!!lolz.im 15 and going to b 16 on july 15th.and i can drive!!i like skate boarding,art,reading,writing poems,being lazy,eating skittlez,texting,being random,and being sarcastic.i know i have labeled myself but i dont like labels,and i hate being called gothic.i like to speak my mind.i do get called a bitch for that,and a cutter for being emo, and stupid bc im like part blonde.i love skittlez and pepsi!i dont like chocolate well i hate it and i hate fast food!icky!i can have really bad blonde moments lol.i hate preps,posers,some old ppl,SPIDERS,SNAKES AND CLOWNS!!!!i love muzic,like without muzic i would die.im teaching myself how to play the guitar(acoustic).i love art it's a very good way to express my self the way i want and to have fun.im in probably, no i am in the best relationship of mi entire life!i love u alex!ur the best guy on the planet!!i like to be different,i like to b my onw person,and i hate it when ppl either tell me to b like them or just not b who i am,but i have always been told that being different is a good thing so thats y i like being different.i would die without my stud belt,eyeliner,mascara,and assortment of nail polish lol.im a vegetarian.i hate ppl that hunt for dears or any other animal, i love animals and killing them or just hurting them i just plain cruel!animals r our friends not food!!lol.im a fan of twilight!i love it a lot its a good move and a great book!i dont like ppl calling me a "tree huger" bc its good to care about the earth and so what if i love it!two of my closest friends are anei and gothicrose18!they are like two of my sisters lol,and if u break their hearts i will break ur face!almost every one i know i love like family and my real family means alot to me and i would do anything for them!life is hard to get through but as long as u have ur friends and family then u will make it through life!i like emo,screamo,punk,rock,metal,Christan and others.some of my fave bands r flyleaf,lostprophets ,hathorne heights,hollywood undead,paramore,evanesence,mest,muse,escape the fate,disturbed,30 seconds to mars,boys like gurls,bullet for my valentine,kill hannah,jonas brothers,mcr,fob,metro station,story of the year,tokio hotel,and others! i dont like when u judge a person or "judge a book by its cover" before u even know them!i think every one should b treated equally whether its color or sex or even sexuality.some of my Quote's r "love is war","emo equals love","live the second","b who u r and live the way u wanna live",and"think green"!if u dont like what u read then dont bug me plz and thnxiez!!!!! =^.^=