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Name: Vannaayaa
Location: Working on my goals
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-Do not flirt with me, this isn't a dating site.
-Being respectful towards other's beliefs is important, so if you're rude and disrespectful, you'll be blocked.
-Do not ask me for readings. I'm not doing some for now.

-Do not ask me to cast some spells or rituals, I'm not going to do it for you.
-No fluff please.

Anyways, my mail is open if you want to talk about a subject or just trying to seek on for help, I'll try my best to help with my own experience. I have an open mind so don't be scared, but I'll still tell you with my own point of view.

About me:

It has been at least for 4 years that I'm into spirituality and the craft in general. I've always got an interest to it so I got in it.
I'm an open mind person and wants peace and justice all the way.
I like several things like Art, nature and its beauty, the stars, etc...
I'm also a curious person, If I'm too curious about something, I need to satisfy my thirst and then leave it behind. Please don't take this wrong, I don't mean by not minding my own businesses. I do mind my business and not others.
Do not mess with me, it's not a good idea, at least I did warn you.