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Name: DETH13
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I need your help keeping beautiful friend Sarah (wolfmoonsky) once from Instagram bullied by unrepentant, relentless mean women... away from dating others who isn't me till I get to her home state and city.

I feel and sense she may dating someone away from her own house from her sons in a boyfriend's house, not staying with her son Emmett. WHICH KILLS/HURTS MY FEELINGS.

Sounds like jealousy, I know...I can't help it, sorry. I just feel I need her.

It's her or nobody.

My mother did that to me once(when I used to live with her), left house with just me and sister or just me alone for short while or day to be at her boyfriends house, coming back to our house next day.

I don't have driver's license or my own car....YET, I live with my dad, depending on him, I am unemployed, not rich....YET because I am in middle of setting up a Etsy shop BUT I am stuck and got to get legal name change for IDs and I planning to get my driver's permit and driver's license after education course to take test for drivers license to get it. I plan to get and do everything in order just to drive South Carolina to Plymouth, Massachusetts to see Sarah in person.

I need her desperately and don't need her dating anybody else instead of me. I don't want to find her married with ring on her finger with brand new husband who may turn out as wrong fit, or wrong guy, I want to be her husbandin near future.

I need spirits to keep her busy staying with hersons till I get to her in person.

DM me if you like.