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Name: Paulinka
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OKAY SO my name is paulina and i have a huge issue with players. they are stupid ignorant douche bags. im normally i really nice person, i love meeting new people and talking to them. im really open minded. like REALLY open minded. i love music, its all i ever do. i used to play the piano but i quit. i dont practice wicca to get things i WANT. i think its greedy and a waste of a really neat religion. i practice wicca because it is like, creative like me and it has no limits. it gives me a way to create stuff and to turn my life around in a really bizarre way. OH. i love good smelling stuff. on guys its a really big turn on :) i love inventing new spells, i get really excited and creative. i love travelling, ive been to so many places and i want to go to more. everyone says i forgive too easily, but somewhere.. in the back of my mind.. i know i shouldnt. i move on. quickly. with the help of wicca. i could tank alot of people.. but my friends tell me i cant be aggressive. so i dont :( if you let me, id talk to you all day. im the type of person when, there is no such thing. so yes. that is basicly some of the things about me. im waay different than what i appear as. take my word on that. OH. i love csi. and fringe. and the mentalist. and lost. and prison break. and 90210. sometimes. plus, i just had to add some of my favourite quotes of all time ; "so if you peel away the skin, youll find the strong survive but they wont always win." - hedley "life sucks, then you die... yeah i should be so lucky." - jacob black "i dont keep any leeches on speed dial" - jacob black "and if angela turns up to be a witch, she can join the party too" - bella swan "your tears dont fall, they crash around me" bullet for my valentine "sing us a song and we'll sing it back to you" - paramore "and nothings greater than the rush that comes with your embrace" - bleeding love "run away and make tomorrow harder to live" - plain white t's "you said move on, where do i go?" - katy perry ... you get the picture :)