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Name: Reddlen
Location: Second star to the right, straight on till morn.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 09 Aug 2020
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My name is Reddlen and I am a practicing Green, Eclectic witch. I am twenty years old and currently live along the Gulf Coast. Plants are my favorite muse and I love me some good quality crystals. I began practicing witchcraft in September of 2018, and have slowly begun to uncover my path from the brush. I do not worship any one Pantheon, but my Patron is the Welsh Arawn.

I love plants, and I have this odd obsession with rocks of any kind. I also find solace in drawing, music, and writing. Personally, I like to craft most of the items that are placed on my alters, as they feel a lot more personal to me that way. Old trinkets are the bomb. My favorite color is Red, and I love juice way to much. Sushi is one of the best foods ever, second only to good pasta and garlic bread.

Sun: Taurus
Moon: Aquarius
Rising: Gemini
Chinese: Metal Dragon


-Contacting me-
I am open to most messages, so feel free. However, I will not become a babysitter. Helping, and teaching every now and then is one thing, but I will not spoon feed you craft knowledge; since the search is part of the learning process. That, and I am not the most experienced of witches yet. I am here to make friends and meet new kinds of people, so I am perfectly fine with idle chatter, but I will not answer personal questions about myself.