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Name: Soulkeeper
Location: In a tiny room
Gender: Female
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Ello, my name is Lady Eva, and I am on the council for the Legion of Light and Dark. Thats right be scared the crew is back together again. I am an old soul who is traveling thru time and space just to get by, I am not human, I do not like humans, I am a dragon in my truest form. Any questions please feel free to ask. I have been practicing magick for 4 years in this current life. I am very elemental with my powers resting in Air.
I call myself a Soulkeeper because I have been able to communicate with spirits since I can remember and have at least 4 or 5 spirits with me at all times with more and more visiting everyday.
I am the voice that you hear right before you do something wrong, the sound of my voice is what you will here right before the pain comes. I am the Goddess of Pain. I welcome you to my world. Treat me with respect and I will return it to you. I can provided you with
an intelligent and inspirational insight into your dreams and problems.