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Name: Liam97079
Birthday: Jan 29 2004
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hi my name is Brody. im a medium, i can see visions of the future randomly unfortunately i cant control when i see them. i can sometimes read minds. i am half demon. i am listening to the subliminal's to become a twilight vampire. i watch SSSniperwolf, laurenzside, and infinite lists on YouTube. i use this site to use spells to get ability's, look better, summon storms, talk to people, and become a better singer. i love to sing, watch movies, meeting new people, and playing Minecraft and the sims, if you ever need to just get something off your chest feel free to message me or for any other reasons. and i hope that all is going well in your life but if it isn't then remember hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.
- Brody Harrison