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Name: IsisMoonx
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"Anything is possible, if you believe it can happen." "The things that are impossible are the things we give up on." hmm, let's see... hello there; I am Isis Moon. (: I have been practicing Paganism for around four to five years now, studying anything and everything I possibly can while I'm still young. I am a solitaire Pagan, falling nicely under Wiccan beliefs. I believe that Paganism is about accepting people for who they are, no matter how different, and living in peace and harmony with nature. I take great influence under the Egyptian pantheon, angels, and faes. odd mix, I know. I aspire to become a Priestess of a Coven oneday, so that I may help ones who wish to learn about Paganism and magic, and let them know that they are not alone like I was; and to teach and learn from other Pagans that decide to join the Coven. I have no relation to anyone in the Craft, other than my older sister, Miz, who introduced me to it. so you can consider me first generation. (: right now, I am working on Tarot, Scrying, and Runes. I have several books on them, but if you know any useful information about them, please let me know. anything else... contact me, and I'll be happy to answer. Blessed Be! )O(