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Name: luxifer669
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greetings to all that seeks me and my wisdom, as far as names go just call me lucifer ( the bringer of light) I'm an being inhabiting a 19 year old males body from the island of Jamaica. i have been probing the mystical community for some years now trying to find a place where I belong for I have not had much luck in the society of humans. I consider myself to be a seeker of first (elder) magic and knowledge . so I'm here to teach and to learn to the best of my abilities so please feel free to express either your findings in magic or your question all other details of me and my magic are listed below; good day (._.)
magical affinity: Fire, dark magic, light magic.
spiritual creature : I don't really know but I'm a creature with two faces; chaos and order, I bring the calamity and the fires of chaos and then I bring the pure rains of order to ultimately mix and balance energies.
preferred style of casing magical prowess: finger magic (clasping my fingers in different ways to invoke different intensities and frequencies of magic.
spirit guide: don't have one/ have not found it yet
magical quirks: fate maker and fate breaker- I have visions of scenarios that may likely happen and I can choose to make them a reality or break the oncoming fate however the extent of these quirks are rather miniscule.
spiritual coven/clan: none
spirit weapon: sword
spiritual goals : assert the title of a god by killing and devouring one (if possible) or bending one to my will and taking their power for I wish not to have the permission of any being to exist in this plain.