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Name: thegardenia
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Well first off, I should talk about my name here. Gardenias have been my favorite flower since I was little, so I found it fitting to use. I don?t plan to give out my real name, but you can shorten my username to G or Nia when referring to me... I?ve always been interested in magic, and have had some peculiar encounters with the unknown. I used to consider myself an empath, but now I believe that any abilities and sensitivities I have (if I actually have them, I could have easily imagined it) are now being blocked by my stubbornness and the constant guard I keep up. But don?t worry, I am always kind and polite. If you ever need anything or have any questions, my inbox is open to you. I?m here to study and practice magic, and share my findings and experiences with the community here. Have a blessed day, evening, week, or whatever you need right now.