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Name: CatandCrane
Birthday: May 25
Location: Middle Earth
Gender: Female
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Merry Meet!
I live with my husband and cat in the USA.
I am somewhat new to The Craft and spell work, although I have been working with crystals and candle magick for a few years now. I have a large collection of crystals at home and have some knowledge on the subject of crystal healing and working with the chakras. I am excited to connect with others that are starting out on their own personal spiritual pathway also. I feel a connection with Brigid, in both the Goddess form and Saint.
Until now, I have primarily been a solo eclectic practitioner, but I am interested in learning more from a group setting.
I love to read and cook in my spare time. My husband and I like to hike as we appreciate time in nature and are blessed to live in the mountains. We also enjoy visits to our favorite local breweries for a pint or two. We have a spoiled rotten cat who is my furry therapist.
Blessed be!
Sun sign: Gemini
Moon sign: Gemini
Rising sign: Pieces