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Name: Shizuka
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hi everyone my name is Alexis, you can call me Alex if you like...or you can call me Shizuka or Shi-chan, thats the names my friends call me so i made it my name on here too. ^.^ im 15 and ive only been studying magic for a couple months...i live with my aunt right now (she does this kinda stuff too and showed me this place cuz it helped her) cuz of certain things, id rather not go into it so plz dont ask. ._. im a scorpio, so that makes me a person of the water element (i think...right? o.o) i love astrology and make charts and stuff so if u want one send me message and ill make one for u ^^ ill do my best to help u figure out what it means but im not an expert lol...just warnin ya i study all kinds of magic rite now, tryin to see what is best for me to practice...i am interested in shadow magic, dragon magic, element magic, candle magic, and therians and otherkin though, im also researchin different religions like wicca, asatru, and interested in so many things lol! im also apparently a natural empath...i never realized it until the people here helped me see it ^.^ i also love anime and pic is a gothic version of a character from fate/stay night (which i looooove!), i also like naruto, bleach, fullmetal alchemist, vampire knight, lucky star, chobits, bakugan (i collect the bakugan too), and a bunch more! i also like playing yugioh ^.^ i have yahoo and msn so if you want to talk to me on there just send me a mail ^.^ i like videogames too...but im kinda im kinda girly (i like goin to sephora to shop for makeup and getting gothic lolita dresses and stuff) but im also tomboyish kinda... i love makin friends with people so feel free to add me (just lemme know so i can add you back!) oh and dont try to ask me out or anything like that, cuz its weird and creepy -.-' i play mabinogi now so if u play mail me and we can party together or somethin ^.^ im on tarlach server i deleted my other acct named kumori so if someone messages u with that, its NOT me!! ^^;; i didnt need it anymore so.. i added my gaia profile to my website link thing so click it if u want to friend me there! ^.^