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Name: OhUniverse
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Hello there, you can call me Universe, pleased to meet you all.
Although I do not have to much or almost any kind of knowledge about magic ( I'm sorry for disappoint you ) i can summon anyone and anything i want ( from Angels, demons and other galaxies beings to future and past creatures ) i do not need spells or magical circles for that and they already told me those things bother them LOL
I also can open portals and depends on my health can be spiritual or even physical.
I'm surrounding by my beloved four demons friends who i deeply love and trust ( and who also protect me from any kind of magic or things trying to harm me ) my favorite guardian one being from another galaxy and from a distant future, my two twin dragons ( new acquisition ) and a lot of spirits from every single place.
I enjoy reading ( mangas,manwhas an manhuas also comics ) writing ( but I almost don't do this since my stories and characters end up be living beings ) talking, cooking and what I love the most, singing, dancing and listening music ( I have an angel who teach me music time to time LOL )
I like talk about anything ( history, physic, philosophy, literature, astronomy, music, books, art, movies and series ) so you can talk to me about anything you want I would be happy.
Also if you want to share some knowledge with me I'm open to everything since I enjoy listen and learning.
I remember things from all my past life so please do not scare if I suddenly I say I know you. I surely do.
I do not use magic or spells because I can get rid of everything by myself but if I ask something from someone it's because I really need it so I apologize if I'm bothering you.
Right now I can't see clearly ( because some things happened to me ) but I can see the future, your spiritual form, your guardians or guides ( if you have ) so if I can see them again please it would be great to be friends of mines because they are really friendly and help others too.
Well, have a nice day and I hope we can share a lot of things since knowledge does not belong to us, it's for all ( believe me, you don't want to be like those beings who protect knowledge from everyone and blind every each who knows what they are protecting )
By the way, I'm Kpoper so if you are or like some group I'm here.