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Name: Megn
Location: California
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 11 Feb 2020
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My name is Megn, I am 18 and I have been interested in many forms of Wicca and witchcraft since childhood- you could call me an eclectic wiccan. I have worshipped many gods from Norse to Egyptian, and like to heavily involve myself in nature, not only as it’s servant but as it’s caretaker. The mountains(literally any mountain lol) are important to me. I am very silly and friendly, though I can be serious if it calls for such a thing. Despite being very interested in such things for much of my life, I still feel a little clumsy when I try to cast or whatever else. I’m a bit shy, but I?m willing to learn and share my knowledge and experiences with others.
The gods I mainly worship are Freyja, Ganesha, and Dagda