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Name: Rivalkyrie
Birthday: Mar 3 2007
Location: York, PA
Gender: Female
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A teen witch with interest in Broadway, music, reading, writing, video games, anime, horror, occult, Shakespeare, and medicine. Main hobby is playing piano and browsing forums online. Religion: Omnist Experience: 2.5 years of occult, spell, spiritual, wiccan, and pagan studies, ~5 months of spell practice. Feel free to message me about anything (any spellcasting tips would be helpful!). Hello! I'm Rivalkyrie (or Holly or DJ, as known on many other forums and games). I have finally decided to get more into the family tradition of wicca. My family goes back a long time with it, some casual witches and some dedicated and powerful witches. I'm currently on the Omni Witch path during this "apprenticeship" of mine. Once again, my mail is open and feel free to send me any message! Current interests include: Tarot Reiki Meditation Kabbalah Mythology Left-hand Path Magick