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Name: Rivalkyrie
Birthday: Mar 3 2007
Location: York, PA
Gender: Female
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Hello! I'm Rivalkyrie (or Holly or DJ, as known on many other forums and games). Call me Riva. I have finally decided to get more into the magic and witchcraft. I'm devote to the Jewish G-d, Aphrodite, Artemis, Apollo, Brigid, Horta, Norita, and many others. My matron deity is Psyche. My messages are open so do feel free to message me! I am willing to answer questions or just chat. Please do note I for one will not take any nonsense in my messages. Flirting will result in a witty comeback. I am also rather skeptical so keep that in mind

My areas of focus are:



Kitchen Magic


Anecstor work

Folk magic (Jewish, Irish, Taoist, etc)

Herb magic

Music magic