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Name: AlexKatsin
Birthday: Aug 16 1988
Location: Colorado
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First up introductions. My earth name is Alex but my true name is Katsin Hiroshi I am a general of the deamon military and have been around since the 500'sBCE though I am also known as Deamon high priest Durandel.
Other things to know about me I am a nephew to the reaper-God Anubis making me a Reaper-Demi-God and I dont necessarily care for or like humans.
Feel free to messege me if you wish.
Why do I detest humans you may ask? I shall tell you I have been around for a very long time since the time of the elder gods and humans are the only species I have witnessed in all my time traveling through dimensions and galaxies that will proactively rape,attack,kill,abuse and pillage one another for laughs plus go to war so often that it makes one wonder why there not extinct yet.
Lastly think what you will I do not care whether or not you believe me when I say I am not human for I am as ancient as the sands of Egypt and pillars of Greece and do not need approval from puny humans to exist.