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Name: Alphamoon9
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let's get started. But first let me clarify. No im not a wolf or shape shifter of any sort. Please don't ask. Thanks.

I won't be very active due to investigating and studying. Please allow 24-48 hours. Thank you

My favorite quotes:

  • "If you have to ask where the fight is and when it's happening, the best say 'You are not worthy of being there' -Annonymous
  • "While you are in the fight Club, you dont speak of the fight Club."-Some movie?
  • "I'm not fighting for equality. I'm not fighting for my own gain. I sure as hell am not wasting drops of blood and hours of trainingfor your pathetic a$$. I'm fighting, and bleeding for the ones who need me and.. Sadly the ones who couldn't make it past round 10."-Me