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Name: dyamonds
Birthday: Jul 22
Location: The House Of Tarot Fairies
Gender: Female
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Call me Chevvy!
I am new to the witchy path, but wish to find friends on here! I am young, but you are never too young to have fun !
A Little Bit About Me:
Young. I love Marina and the Diamonds, Stevie Nicks and AHS! I love flowers, planets, stars and animals, I also am obsessed with wicca, witchcraft, astrology, paganism, etc. Right now I am learning dragon magick, divination and other fun things !
Other Information:
Cusp Child: Cancer & Leo! I love faeries, dragons, angels, and other spiritualistic deities. I am very interested in Greek mythology!

Thanks for taking the time to read about me! Have an amazing day/afternoon/night! Blessed be.