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Name: Mondlicht
Location: The Ether
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 22 Nov 2019
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Hi! Please Read Before Mailing me: I Do Not Respond To: Flirting Fluff Role-Play Attention-Seeking I'm an Aquarius,Call me Moonlight. I'm Clairaudient,Claircognizent,and I have a nasty habit of knowing things I'm not supposed to. ;) I'm quite detached, but my disposition isn't nearly as Arctic as it might appear. I've spent two years in a highly destructive cult,and I'm quite ready for a new path. I will not: "Read" You or Anyone else. Disclose information about anyone without their express consent Disclose information about my past "Teach" You to be Clairaudient or Claircognizent. I'm ready to be an ear for anyone who needs it, but be ready for Pragmatic, Problem-Solving advice. I have no time for Long-Winded Speeches espousing the misery of your existence if you have no plans to do anything about it.