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Hi, my name is Rosemary Sage! I'm quite new to everything, not quite a noob anymore though, but I am very eager to get started!
I'm actually the leader of a local coven now and have a good amount of general knowledge, which I'm very excited about. But I'm always wanting to learn as much as possible.
I first actually learned about all this from a friend and started believing in it a few months ago. I really want to become a capable witch and learn everything I can. I'll warn you that since I don't know much I'll probably just go off of stereotypes, so please correct me when I'm wrong. I would definitely say I have an open mind for all of this, but I just don't know anything yet. I particularly want to get into 'the dark arts', but the more (I have no idea what call it) 'light' (?) magik is also really intriguing, so yeah.
I look forward to learning from everyone and having a good time ^-^.
Also, I tend to be a bit busy so I'm hardly ever on, so apologies if I'm late replying; if it's important or you just really want to talk to me just text me on discord (just tell me you found me on here first, or I probably won't answer, Yam_Bonbon #2786