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Name: Daemonwolf66
Location: Hell is perfect temperature for those whom are disrespectful
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First things first. My name is ghost, or at least that's the name I go by, I teach alittle of everything and I am constantly learning still. I am rather eccentric and must conclude my mind is abstract. I am adept to many things and acclimate to many issues on hand. I do know alot more than I should due to my past life regression expiereinces. I also can read auras rather well with incredible distances. I also am well famailerized to chakra alignments, speaking with spirits, a tad bit of shamanism .i have no set religion,and i believe anything and everything is possible. But do not claim to be things you are not, and do not, I cannot emphasize this enough, don't come to me about werewolf or vampire spells. As actual transformation spells do not work. Simple as that.
Soul swapping:if you come to me looking for help on soul swapping of amy sort, I will think you are being a jokester and will not take you serious, I will laugh and think you are joking. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. SOUL SWAPPING IS NOT ONLY ANNOYING, BUT IT IS ALSO PROOF OF THOSE PEOPLE ARE NAIVE AND IGNORANT OF WHAT THEY TRULY WISH
I do many types of different magick.
Blood magick
Shadow magick
Rune magick
Moon magick
Very rare, love magick
Sigil making
Location magick(yes a type of magick that exists)
Spirit working
And chaos magick
My apologies but I'm not as famailer with this site as I once was and if you have any pointers or wish to learn the little I know, feel free to message me
My deity is Lucifer and apophis
(Yes I use big words and sound awfully formal, the reason being is this is my bio and I'm much more friendly in real life or through messages so please don't be afraid to message me.
Thank you for taking time to read my bio
Also please dont be afraid to message me. And please have a subject of you desire to message me
And if you read and understood my bio, you would've seen the misspelling error I placed in here