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Hello everyone and welcome,

I am Isen and it's lovely to have you all here on my page. I am an ordained ministers, and I run my own religion known as Azaphianism of simple The Temple of Azaphiel . I have practiced the occult for over a decade now, so I do have some knowledge ranging on angel/demonology, spellcraft theory, ritual working and broad paganism (ranging From Celtica to the Norse/Heathenry). My knowledge is rounded but I do not know everything. I have also practices witchcraft (not wicca) for the same amount of time. If there is anything I can do for you, please feel free to write me (I do enjoy talking to people). If you also have any questions about The Temple of Azaphiel, I will have a small overview of it below. Thank you so much for time.



The Temple of Azaphiel

The Temple of Azaphiel is a small religious group that follow the teaching and hold belief in the angelic like being known as Azaphiel. In Azaphianism, we believe in the inherent right of all beings to educate themselves in manners of academia and spirituality. Occultism is embraced, allowing any member to practice without any fear of going to "hell" or being somehow punished for their curiosity into the spiritual. In fact, in Azaphianism there is no "hell" or place where the wicked go to be punished. This is because our patron, Azaphiel, sees the hearts of this people and will not embrace the wicked into his own, in place he'd turn them from him. The wicked will be left out alone, in the pit and abyss for the void to devour/take them. Azaphianism openly embraces homosexuality and the others among the LGBT+ community. We hold mass on Saturdays during the evenings hours from 6 pm - 11 pm, which consists of three services lasting each about a hour and fifteen minutes. If you found yourself interested in this beleif, please feel free to contact me.