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Name: MagicStarmon
Birthday: Mar 11 2005
Location: Enchanted Forest
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Hewo! Im just that person who tried killing a bug with a knife you know to practice killing ochoko. Name:Melissa yep.You have all been deceived Age:14 but i look like a 10 year old not joking Zodiac sign:Pisces Disorders:ADHD,Bipolar Birthday:March 11 2005. 3:33 yes i know the exact time(in morning) Moon phase i was born under:Full moon Grade:May i be in UA. No? Frick you Laungage:Japanese,english But i have to learn spanish because o f my realitives Race:Im asian why do you care? Harry potter house:Ravenclaw Facts that are good to know If i dont get my way ill push you down and say peasent if we have promblems I can be very,very impulsive because of my ADHD People decibe me as a wannabe anime character there not wrong I have severe anger issues that dont show online Im emotional very emotional I make myself sad sometimes thinking about stuff If i love you ill feel the urge to kill whoevees near you i get a bad feeling from I do that e-girl thing alot with the eyes i dk why tho so dont ask All my friends are water signs or aries its weird I love fictional characters alot into an obsessive way On pinterest i litterly have severla things of MHA things Im obbsessed with Quotes Personality/personal/Idk I like to study zodiac signs I like to draw I like to sing I like to think Creative writing that sorta stuff i once sang the song "Bakugou" for my school talent show I dont curse alot irl