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Name: DemonSpawn40
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I am half demon and I am looking for more of my kind feel free to message me if you have questions about anything I'll try my best to answer or if you want to talk. just call me Spawn or Cam I don't really care. I was on this site a few years back but deleted my old profile but I am back. I am rarely on this sight so if you need to get ahold of me my Discord is Spawn#1999 I don't believe in over the internet readings and I will not try to preform them. And please trust me when I say something about hell I have been their twice. (p.s. I do not do transformation magic! you cant turn yourself into what I am I was born this way) (p.s. their is no such thing as a half demon half angle hybrid angles and demons were created to be opposites mixing those would be like mixing oil and water it just doesn't work) (p.s. their is no such thing thing as "shadow demons" that is just a term created by humans and Hollywood but what they call "shadow demons" is just a normal demon using the shadows to help manifest themselves demons don't really have a true form in this world so they can typically take on whatever form they want and the reason they use the shadows is because they are one of the easiest things for a demon to manipulate in this world)