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Name: Arae83
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I've had a diploma in Astrology/parapsychology since 2005. That was really just an introduction course to astrology,numerology, palmastry,parapsychology, & I Ching. It got me started in the right direction since I realized I was not a Christian like I used to say I was. I went to church a lot when I was younger like 4 days a week. When I was 13 I read a book called "Spiritual Traditions". It made me realize I was not Christian & that there was so many other beliefs that I never even knew about. I almost felt like all these other beliefs & religions were kept a secret from me. I went to church because I wanted to though. It wasn't something I had to do because my parents made me. My little sister & I went with our neighbor & their family willingly. But I was calling myself a Christian before I even realized I even had any other options. That bothered me when I learned how much I never knew about. Everything Wiccan resonates with my personal beliefs. I would like to discover the reason I am still here in this plane of existence & if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. It's been 21 years since I lost the ability to use my legs in a car wreck when I was 15. I almost died a couple other times but didn't. Not any were a enlightened experience for me or anything was like I just woke up from sleeping or something. Never saw a light or talked to anyone when I was unconscious. I feel a little upset about it & hope I have been able to fulfill my purpose by the time I do go. I also don't feel like I want to die either.