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Name: Ravenmage
Birthday: Dec 26 1999
Location: In my room
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 18 Jul 2019
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I generally don?t cast spells, I as I am a mage. My two elements are ice and shadow. Just because I work with those two, does not mean I am mean nor dark. My spirit is a raven with two silver specks under my right wing. Don?t ask me to turn you into anything. Don?t flirt or try to hit on me if you are taken or have told another female how much romantically in love you are with them. Otherwise, feel free to message me. I don?t bite nor do I peck.

i generally am positive, but dont bring your negative emotions and self pity to my doorstep.

i am highly empathetic, however I will not give up common sense to put you first.