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hello! in this witchy world I go by Andromeda! I've been practicing for about two years now and my path has been a wild ride. when I first started I didn't know what I believed and didn't know how anything worked, now I've got a better grasp but still have a lot to learn! my biggest pet peeve about the witchcraft community specifically is when people tell you-you're doing your craft incorrectly. . . . now, I've told my family and they are very supportive just very confused. they like to participate in rituals with me but not by themselves. I'm in a coven with 11 other witches and it's a wonderful community and support system to have. If I have kids when I'm older i will most certainly pass down my knowledge. . . . I'm most interested in the spirit realm and how to interact with it. this is because i posses the power to talk to spirits without tools when I focus. i also have very strong intuition "waves" as i call them. they help me predict the future. I would love to learn more about healing herbs and how to use them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- positive vibes "sisters of stardust" is my coven Gemini sun, Taurus moon, Libra rising You don't like my clothes but you still like my smile