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Name: Cantsee
Location: In the library of souls (the oldest library in my town)
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 09 Jul 2019
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Moving accounts.

Naturally gifted.

***A ahead of time notice:

If i randomly message you asking if you are okay, it's because i sense your energy is off or low. I'm not doing it to annoy you, but to make sure you are okay.


Personality, how someone i know describes me:

Described as calm, almost not bothered by her surroundings. She always seems to stay in a futuristic mindset, not worrying or allowing the memories take over her. She is friendly and outgoing. Usually welcome to all, despite of their past. She seems as she knows how everyone in the room is feeling, it makes me question if she really knows what is on my mind.

Now for the people who asked me, i will post this on my profile to let you know.

Demi-ymbrynes are:

A Demi-ymbryne is a female peculiar that maintains existing loops and keep them going a good long time rather than create new loops. Unlike full ymbrynes, they cannot turn into birds and create new loops.

Hollowgasts are:

Creatures that a corrupted peculiar/evil peculiar changes into. Hollow black eyes, depending on the gender the average amount of tongues is 3-6.

Wights are:

Human forms of the hollowgasts. Usually will wear colored contact lenses over their blank white eyes.

Librarians are:

Librarians were the rare type of peculiars that collected, guarded, and lent out souls in the Library of Souls in Abaton. According to Reynaldo, the Library of Souls was staffed with by peculiars who could read peculiar souls like they were books.

Keep in mind:

I cannot physically shift, nor do I claim to. I can only mentally, in my lucid dreams, and in meditation. I Cannot change you into anything.

A letter for a mentor.

Dearest miss, Dove.

The peace you have taught me has made an incredible impact upon me. I see you watching over me, the brown dove on my window ceil. You taught me to keep my cool, and what it means to be patient. I am forever grateful to you.

Thank you.