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Name: Wiifit
Birthday: Jan 7 1999
Location: my studio
Gender: Female
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I am not good at these things, what should I put here? I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Emma my nick name is mii. I love the Nintendo wii, not the wii U. I have my own Mii persona. I like yoga and doing wii fit. I love sour candy over sweet. I suck at math. I love making 3d models with computers. I like manga and comics. My three favorite colors are: Navy blue, sky blue, and black. My favorite foods are: Sour skittles, pizza, Mexican food, and Taco bells nacho fries. I am a girl who likes both boys and girls. Don't talk to me if you are homophobic.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I study energies and the basics. I just started practicing magic in December.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like to talk to new people.