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Name: NuggetGirl
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HI! You may call me Nugget. Created a new profile cause I personally did NOT like my old one on here. Feel free to message me! I like to keep myself open-minded and I have a thing for respect. :) I will not put up with destructive criticism! Although, if it's 100% constructive and it is in your best interest in helping me in any positive way, I'll take it. P.S. PLEASE be appropriate if you're going to message me! :) Back story: I grew up in a Southern Baptist Christian home >_>.. when I met my dad for the first time, came to realize he was not a Christian. Since I was 13, almost 14 actually, came to the realization that Christianity was not for me. So that whole time of believing in the single father God, I was unconsciously being someone I was not. ONLY because I was told I had to believe this and that and don't do this or that or you'll go to hell..... Yeah, that's hypocritical and extremely disrespectful at the same time! So I discovered this website right after I turned 14 and started to practice spells.. well if only I had educated myself about spiritual protection lol! Anyway, after my mother found out I was on this website, SHE LITERALLY BLOCKED THIS WEBSITE so I wouldn't "go to hell." That's when I realized that I was forced to be someone who I wasn't. Now: I'm currently 19 and still being mocked for what I believe in by my mother. From ugly looks when I'm minding my own business spiritually to little remarks on "oh are you doing spells again?" and "you're not summoning a demon are you?" and then rolling her eyes. It's the way she says things Oh my gosh..... Okay, let's move on... :D Interests: I love doing divination, spirit work, hexing (no I don't do it for no reason), still practicing meditation + going for astral projection, and kitchen magick. I'm looking into crystals and growing my own herbs such as sage, lavender, rosemary, etc. I've also been teaching myself to love nature and the Divine's gifts along with talking to my deceased grandparents and praying to my ancestors for protection and for general comfort. Hehe. My Questions: What offering ideas should I give to my deceased loved ones and ancestors? If something that is a food-wise offering, how do I properly dispose of it? and many more to ask....... Hope you've enjoyed my post! Blessed be!!! :*