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Name: Zacc
Location: Roseville, Michigan
Gender: Male
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My name is Zacc, i have had a number of experiences with the world of magic, though until recently i had chalked them up to a coincidence, now though, with a better perspective of this world, and knowledge of existing magic, i am seeking more knowledge, so that i may help people when the time comes that i am needed. ALL magic, psionics and everything of the like interests me. I beleive i may not entirely human, weather is be a physical matter or a matter of the soul. but im not always so serious! :-o lol Hello. I live in Fraser, Michigan. My name is JB. I am also known as Xac. I have many names though. Prozac, Zechariahs, Zaccy, Zachary Binx, Zacaroni and cheese, Zatch Bell, Frutie Tootie, Lucidus, bazooka and Commodore. Choose one to call me or make a new name for me. My friends are more important than anything to me. My favorite color is purple. The color purple. I would NEVER go out of my way to be rude. if you try to step on me ill crush you. i have naughty profiles on gay hook-up sites, but i never hook-up. My favorite movie is Little Nicky. I enjoy swimming even though I feel inadequate taking my shirt off. I am very good at DDR. It is my only talent. Oh, and walking on stilts. Both are useless. I listen to girly music and punky music. I act girly sometimes and manly sometimes, im not the typical girly gay guy or the typical manly gay guy, im me. No one believes I have ESP. if you dont beleive me ill show you sometime, oh well its not like i put emphisis on it. booboobama. ginkobelobin. gumpy. I want a hedgehog. Poke. I have a touching problem. I like hugs too much. I bother you. my favorite word is raunchy. Cheating is my biggest hate. Del taco vs. taco bell. I have my own Asians, Skye and Miranda. They are better than me because they are asian. I love ethnics. Ha, I have ethnics and you dont. Feel better. Green heals. I HAVE been where you are, and where youve been, ut oddly enough, your the one who wouldnt understand. I have a rubber ducky I use in the shower from time to time. Mustangs are the (teh) sex. I can enjoy being dominated, but only sometimes. I greatly enjoy wrestling and boxing. I am whole brained. I own a five-pound rubber band ball. 1337 C0D3 15 AW50M3. I want WOW. I play you should to. I say Rawr when I am angry, confused, or trying to break silence. My eyes change color to my emotion. I am talkative. Sometimes im actually afraid to add people on myspace.... it seems like they might yell at me. I really want to get over my fear of heights. I love animals. You want twy ouw shitty shimp? I dont. Seafood is yucky. Fercereal. The word love is way overused. I will never forget a suger plum. Green tea is delicious and healthy. My favorite band is Mindless Self Indulgence. When warheads came out I used to wash the sour off and then eat them. Now I eat them whole. Play the games called Suikoden so the producers will make more of the. They are like final fantasy games. Im a freakin squirrel dude, man can I climb. I have had four pet squirrels. Chex mix is yummy. I suck on my candies, I dont chew. Dont giggle. I am very fast paced. Can you keep up with my pace? We will see. thats from my myspace! lol