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Name: Nemisis_
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hello there, I should introduce myself huh? My name is Nemisis-chan. Please call me that when talking to me. I am 17 years old. I am an otaku, manga drawer, possible yandere, eating rice at midnight kind of person, always hungry for knowledge, and a japanese gaming freak. I am still trying to find my sexuality, i am still young.

How people usually describe me:-- Mostly calm, I'm not very hyper. I am intelligent, can figure out situations quickly and if people are hiding things from me. I am known as cool (Which i am not entirely sure how.), and friendly. I have a VERRRYYY long fuse. Some days it will be shorter than others. Yeah, anything you would like to know or get to know me, you are more than welcome to stop in.

Now probably the magical section you came to read. Sorry for loly-gagging ^^"

I mainly do lucid dreaming, astral travel (Into the yandere simulator game like world, note i said it's not physical), essential oil baths, energy meditations, and travel magic.

I want to learn more on candles, herbs, and spiritual magic. (I don't want a teacher right now, this will be updated)