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Name: B00M_ER
Location: Chernobyl
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Heya welcome!

Name: Boomer, call me that for now.

Age: 17 years old, 18 in the end of August. Spiritually around 110 years.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-sexual.

Status: Taken

Likes: Chemistry, some history, crime shows, night time, ghost stories, electronic music, CGI animation, chatting with people, meeting people, helping people, collecting gas masks/radiation masks, reading some books, sour candy, painting, being goofy, saracha ramen noodles, traveling, school, learning languages, dancing, watching horror movies, windy days, pickles, and honesty.

Dislikes: Liars, sciency arrogance, overly hot days, burning my tongue on hot tea, hurting people, sneezing, loud people, mystery flavored taffy, metal music, people hurting themselves, two-faces, ocean scented candles, pineapple hard candy, overly skeptical people, when people over use the text speech 'lol', when my computer crashes, dried out markers, and poison oak.

What i practice: Magic revolving around the periotic table, crystals, moon magic, and money magic.

What i try to not practice: Blood and death magic.

You are ALWAYS welcome to come and hang with me, my inbox is open to any one who wants to chat or needs someone to vent to.