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Name: Xovitae
Birthday: Nov 15 1996
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A God of Tribe, Love & Psychedelics
I have been practicing witchcraft for 9 years. I've learned many things and been down many paths in that time.
I'm practiced in so many branches of witchcraft, its hard to even recall them all; I have a diverse spread of spells up my sleeves, as well as a knack for tarot, lithomancy, dream control & walking, energy manipulation and lots more. I have been studying and practicing Luciferianism for 5 years now and claim Toad witch as title. The only being I worship, is myself.
Knowledge and Enlightenment are the keys to ascension. I want to learn everything I can.
On top of all this, I'm an Omnist: I believe in the existence of every God and Goddess on our planet and in our universe.
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