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Name: Darknature
Birthday: Nov 3 1994
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 17 Jul 2019
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Hey names darknature and I am a warlock/necromancer. I do summonings, Contracts familiars and minions. I plan on leaning about bringing the dead back to life in a practical matter. I?m also a ? billion year old demon I?m currently in possession of the sword Hellfire if young demons and you don?t know what this sword is it?s most deadliest sword ever created it?s deadly all types of creatures even gods just to give you a idea how deadly this sword is it?s prototype cut a gap in the universe long ago. The blade is forge and smelted with obsidian and sharp to a tea The hilt and the guard is forged out of Iron and handle is is wrapped in a leather strip. For all you non believers that am an actual demon I just piecing the pieces together. I was demon who who fell in love with gods first daughter if that jogs your memories a bit. And I?m also a bored demon. I have some names my girlfriend reminded of. I?m renouncing my god name I never become Apollo again death to that me.