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Name: XguardianX
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Hello friends, and welcome.

Refer to me as guardian Alletoria or just Allet. I am a lightworker, healer, and guardian. Physically I am human, just as everybody else. I have been told from a young age that i am gifted by many relatives and teachers. I plan on using my given gifts on helping man kind, and all living things.

What my path is:

M y chosen path is a non- specific named path. I practice angelic magic, crystal work, energy work, healing, friendship magic, weather magic, soul magic, and kitchen magic. I don't do anything gray, black/dark, love/lust,..etc.. anything that would be considered dark or going against someones will/wants. I believe in Karma, both good and bad. If you allow Karma to do her work, and you move along with your life, then you will get the even revenge.

My religious faith:

I am a firm believer in The Christian lord, I am not however a practitioner of the Christianity religion. I mostly follow the archangels. I believe in every god/goddess, but yet again i don't worship, or normally work with them. I am usually respectful of all religions/beliefs.

when messaging me:

Role play and my tolerances with the subject: I DON'T sexually Role play, nor do I accept inappropriate messages of that manner. Any messages including flirting, sexual intentions, or just plain disgusting content will be ignored and you will be blocked.

Regarding being a supernatural creature: You are physically human. You cannot turn into a wolf, you cannot become a vampire. You physically cannot grow wings of any sort, or a tail/ears for that matter. You can be spiritually a reincarnated entitiy, but you can't mind control someone, or do anything that a normal entity can do when in a human beings body. Any messages containing this, will be ignored.

spell casting, rituals, and readings: i currently do not offer any casting services, as I am busy in my personal and work life. This may change eventually.

Friend requests: I am more than happy to be your friend, please let me know if you are going to add me so I will return the favor.

Thank you for taking time to read, Blessed be!