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Name: Airenjal
Birthday: Dec 10 2004
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Not a witch. I prefer the term learner.

Hobbies are Shaolin kungfu, reading, drawing, and researching interesting topics. Still goes to school, so can be overwhelmed by homework sometimes.

I'm Chinese, and would like to follow the paths of my ancestors, if possible. Of course, I don't actually know if any of them wereChinese shamanic spirit mediums who practiced divination, prayer (working with deities and spirits), sacrifice, rainmaking, and healing or Chinese Shaolin temple monks that could use chi but maybe. There are other things I'm interested in too, but mainly these two paths.

My list of magical interests from greatest to least is; Chi manipulation, curses and hexes, protection and shielding magic, healing, dream magic, working with spirits or deities, tarot cards, runes and sigils,and herbs. I will pretty much be on every day, so if you want to talk about magic, then message me.