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Name: Rizen
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Hello, I am just a mere Christian who is trying to find his path in magick. I respect all beliefs and I expect you to respect mine. I love crystals and in the future I wish to become skilled in the art of my craft. I have been practicing magick off and on throughout the years, but yes I do know my stuff. My goals here on this website are to learn more, give advice, and also make some new friends.

Note: If you want to message me please have a topic in mind. I do not like it when people just mail me for no apparent reason. It makes me mad that people just message me then say hi and nothing else, so please do not be one of those people. I love talking about magick so if you any questions or topics about that feel free to message me anytime you want.

P.S. Anyone who sends me mail about how Christians cannot practice magick or anything similar will be ignored. I have been getting a heavy load about this subject and if you continue to message me about this you will be blocked. I've had enough of you people criticizing me. So thank you for your kind words and please leave those type of comments to yourselves.