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Name: Phoenix1980
Birthday: Nov 17 1980
Gender: Female
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Hi, I'm Phoenix and I don't really like labels. Do you like to be labeled? I have all kind of magickal gift and abilities! About 6 months ago I became Awoke. I have been ignoring my gift and abilities for most of my life because I didn't have time to invest in them. Now moving into a New Old home with some wicked history attached to the house and land has forced me to be Awake and get in tuned with myself and all my abilities. I can say that I'm very Blessed to have my closes friends of 20 years now become part of my Spiritual family. Together we are figuring things out together and have the perfect place for us to practice. Since my house is full of Spirits good and evil along with the Shadow people and can not forget about the Fay that reside in my home! I see the world in a whole new way now. You have know your past (including past lives) in order to know your future! The one thing I can say now is that I'm very careful on letting people into my life now because we all wear masks and a lot of people are no good for you. Well that is a lil about me and I hope it helps for whoever is reading my profile.
Be Blessed!
Here is a few of my Labels: Clairvoyant, Healer, Empathic and I'm a Gray Witch!