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Name: SleepyAizawa
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I am almost 17 years of age and gender-fluid. I don't care about what pronouns you use for me, she/he/it, whatever you prefer. I am bisexual and happily taken by my partner of 2 & 1/2 years. I am a very open person, but I retain the right to deny you whatever knowledge of myself you may seek. My favorite colors are blue and purple. My favorite animals are cats. My favorite time of day is night and my favorite time of year is mid-autumn. I'm rather introverted, but I love to make friends. Some of my hobbies include programming, watching anime, playing video games, writing, and most recently cosplay. I do role-play a little, but I am quite rusty. I role-play as myself or as one of my OCs, depending on the role-play.)--------------------------------|Some occult related information about myself is that my zodiac is Cancer. I feel a strong connection to the moon. I consider myself Christian but have a few ideas or theories on what occurs after death besides going to Heaven or Hell. I am also rather interested in Tarot, and will perhaps practice in the future. I would love to learn Fae and other spirits.|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
: The rules for role-playing with me: 1. Nothing romantic or sexual, platonic only 2. Be realistic, no one can dodge every attack or overpower every enemy 3. Anything, like consuming alcohol or doing drugs, is forbidden 4. I do most role-plays, so if you have something in mind just ask. The worst I can do is say no :
Thank you for taking the time to read this far!