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Name: Amouranth_
Location: Missouri, USA
Gender: Female
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I hate flirting and am already in a relationship. Please respect that or I will not talk to you. I do not answer mail with just one word or no subject.

I'm an Air Force enlisted as a medical laboratory technician.I'm studying many different languages as well in my free time. I love doing puzzles, make up, working out, reading, and crafts. I play the Bb and Bass clarinet and even a little saxophone, and hope to learn cello and viola as well.

When it comes to my studies, I mainly focus on herbal magic, poppet magic, and energy work. Right now I'm working on learning about chakras, and plan on saving the money to purchase different objects for the altar I'm creating. I don't mind answering questions about magic, but I may not get to your mail very quickly because I don't always have the energy or time to deal with people.

I don't mind getting mail about non magic topics, however, if you mail me you have to start a real conversation with me. I do not answer one word mail and it's very easy to tell when people don't have a topic. Every mail you send to me, if you want it to be answered, needs to have something that I can build off of to make conversation.

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