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Name: Amouranth_
Location: Missouri, USA
Gender: Female
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I hate flirting and am not here for relationships. Please respect that or I will not talk to you.

I'm an Air Force enlisted in tech school as Med Lab for about 9 months.I'm studying many different languages as well in my free time. I love doing puzzles, make up, working out, reading, and crafts. I also play an instrument and am working on a piece of music. I love nature, gardening, romance, writing, and am into the romantic Gothstyle.

I am pretty into health, wellness, and beauty and plan to write books on it. Anyone looking for basic advice on fitness and health can come to me :) I am not a doctor or licensed coach though so don'ttake my word as absolute fact.

Feel free to send a message, photosare public :)

Instagram: snappy772

Snapchat: Snappy @amour-propr