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Name: _Nalys_
Birthday: 1997
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This is my main account.

Secondary account named Nalyswas deleted because of unknown glitches - https://www.spellsofmagic.com/profile.html?profile=547676

The Interesting Part:

Hello, this is Nalys. I've been studying & actively practicing magic since June 2011. Spiritually, I am a druid (or some people might say neo-druid). Practically, I am a witch. Religiously, I am not set in stone as my beliefs vary & have changed over time.

I have Asperger. It is difficult for me to make friends due to my poor social skills. It has caused my a lot of pain and I have lost many friends because of it. Often I wonder what I ever did wrong. This has caused me to fall depressed due to loneliness yet being scared to act in social situations. Sometimes I feel as if people use me and really don't care for me because rarely anyone comes to check on me or ask how I am. I always go out of my way to talk to people and people even try to hurt me for that. Asperger has caused me the need to feel accepted and I only wish for someone to actually know me for who I am. It is not a sad story; it is only the truth.

A majority of my time is consumed by work. My spare time includes videos games, poetry, some anime, and story writing. I love to act out my stories before I write them so I can get a feel for the characters & their personalities.


The Usual Part Below


Magical Practices & Studies:

  • Spirit work and spirit communications
  • Sigil crafting
  • Sympathetic Magics
  • Neo - Druidry (also part of my spirit work)
  • Divination:
    • Tarot Reading
    • Scrying
    • Oculomancy
  • Energy Sensing / Intuition

Please have a great day and be considerate of others! Show them kindness! Thank you. <3