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Name: Ciraithina
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Nonbinary (they/them/theirs), mainly Norse pagan, but I also follow two Greek goddesses, and while I do technically follow the Old One-eyed god named Odin, I am not terribly fond of him. Left-handed and handy with energy magic.

I would dearly love to find likeminded people, however that does not mean that I am looking for a romantic relationship, merely that I am hoping to find likeminded people to be friends with. If you want contact me to test the waters and then make advances, my advice is to not waste your or especially my time and simply not contact me for a romantic fling or relationship. I have absolutely no patience whatsoever for being propositioned, and I will gladly report those who do not listen.

I am very familiar with certain types of fae (specifically High Fae, but also others), though I would ask not to be mentioned to other fae until at least 3-17-2019, as there are some fae I would prefer to not know of me just yet. I have a great deal of knowledge regarding High Fae and some other types of fae, and a 25+ stanza (and growing) poem on the dangers of them, though I do personal enjoy working with them.

I love cats, snakes, foxes, and a good few other animals, music, nature, writing, and books (especially books that contain accurate information on the fae).

I am apparently rather unusual in how I work with energy, however I find it as natural as breathing. I have a talent for drawing away pain through energy work/healing, though part of that involves me literally feeling the pain, what feels like caused it/what the pain is akin to, and figuring out how to pull the pain out of the body by a thread.

I am very fond of free-drawing sigils when the mood or need strikes. I sometimes practice spells, but I usually just do my own thing, but I do make note of spells that call to me.

I tend to lurk, so unless I see something of a particular interest to me or am asked a question, given an answer, or a reply that needs a response, I shall normally remain an observer.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask as I always welcome the enquiring mind or those who seek friendship, though be warned, I do tend to ramble.