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Name: Noctiuagus
Birthday: Jul 24
Location: Western Canada
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 17 Sep 2019

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Priestess

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Not accepting an apprentice at this time


I am a part of the Raven's Gate Administration, serving as a Member of Council and High Priest. Any questions or concerns regarding Raven's Gate should be brought to myself or any fellow Member of Council. If you are interested in applying to our coven, please follow the Application Procedure found on Raven's Gate coven page.


I refuse to perform spells or rituals for others. I firmly believe magic must be experienced first hand. All the books and resources in the world mean literally nothing if one is unwilling to apply themselves.


Nomad of sorts. I can be found thumbing across the West Coasts of North America and am prone to extended periods of silence and a fondness towards purple flowers, spiders, bees, and trees. I am partial to technology and modern entertainment.


" In a world where constipation of the mind and diarrhea of the mouth run rampant, remain vigilant"

I'm not a new age practitioner, though I understand the general concepts thereof. I seek peace and understanding, both a constant pursuit in most endeavors. My goal is to grow and look subjectively at what lay before me, using all the resources I can command, be them book, person, or self reflection.

I was young when I became fascinated with general phenomena, nature, and the mechanics that drive everything forward. I wasn't much older when I learned that much of what I saw and thought, were made obscure to my peers; basic empathy, to symbols laden everywhere. Over the years I have evolved and adapted, my interests, desires, and goals along with them.

Along my way I've encountered and caused what can be summed up as chaos, and without this adversity to challenge myself, how could I be the same person afterwards? Lessons are everywhere we look, just as there are blue skies somewhere in the world.

Don't give up. I can't say that it gets easier but I can say its all the more worth it when everything is said and done. Remember that we are the true masters of ourselves, and each one of us holds limitless potential. Release control to gain control.


I have been involved with spiritual practices since 2003, partaking in local Powwows and Round Dances, designing and creating traditional regalia. I was young when I heard Native stories about the Ravens, Bear and Moose in their mythology and of Turtle Island, and they are pleasant memories that's lessons remain steadfast.

My path is heavily influenced by spirits and the deceased, and has been since 2008. I serve and honour a large number of deities on a semi-casual basis, and a few on a personal and formal level.

I am experienced in the fundamentals of magic, including spell-craft, correspondences, and vibrational energies, as well as being intermediate in the studies of mythology, astrology, and other occult subjects.


Carpe Diem