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Name: CharlesO
Birthday: 1996
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Have any questions, just ask me. I'll always reply honestly. Mainly I've studied astral projection, lucid dreaming, enchanting, spell casting, fortune-telling, precognition, psychic medium, summoning and several mythologies.

If you want a reading, or one of my services. Just ask me. I do it all for free. Knowledge should be shared, not sold. That's my personal opinion. I respect other views on this as well.

Those and many other things. Currently I'm both interested in passing on the things I know, and of course learning more. You could call me a Philosopher, lover of wisdom.

If you could give me any advice, on curses and lifting those, that would be very much appreciated.
Also trying to learn more about past lives. If you could help on that it would also be very appreciated.

Have a nice day, and thanks for reading.

Private list of things I need to read:
Tanakh, Mesorah, Targum, Mishnah, Tosefta, Talmud (Babylonian and Jerusalem), Midrash (Halakhic and Aggdic), Halakhic, Mishneh Torah, Tur, Shulchan Aruch, Responsa literature, study of Jewish philosophy, Musar, Hasidic works, Siddur, and Jewish poetry