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Name: PalsiCk
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 04 Jan 2020
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...............(Ministery of Death).............
I identify myself as a
Psychic/Teleapathic.My esp is spiritism
(Praying with the dead) communication
with spirit's. My craft is R.V
(remote veiwing) with crystals.
I am Devil
My age:ancient one.
Earth sign:Taurus?:
Psychic Sexual/Sorcery Sexual:)
My art is kaleidoscope. I have six
Mastered psychic spells that formulated
42 sKillsed spells.
I live by psychic commands not by
morals that are influence by the nature
of the teaching of this life.
I went to college to study the human
Mind in its addition.
Concentration,8 Moon Phases, Colors,
Day & Night Energy Work,
Soul Trapping,Chakras,
Pyrokenisi,Body Scanning,Body Language
Pendulum,Candles,Tobacco,My Knife.
..I Weaponized Myself.
My Word,My Mental Health,My DNA,
My Walk,My Body,My Spirit,
My Spirit Guide:)
i love poetry,art,reading,learning,
I am here to open your mind and listen
to your thoughts.
Pray without ceasing/rejoice always