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Name: CherryDawn
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Well hiya! I'm Haley! Or Cherry. I go by both! I've been practicing Witchcraft since I was about 15. I'm now 20! Though I was only doing theoretical work until I was around 18. So I'm pretty much new to all the practical stuff XD My main focuses are on Divination, Moon Magick, Conjuring/Banishing, and... yes, I kinda dabble in demonology. I love practicing Dark-Aligned magic the most. I just practice what interests me!

Speaking of interests- I am a HUGE fan of Star Trek (my fav character is Q btw ><), Transformers, Astronomy/Cosmology, and Marvel (Tony Stark fan here)! And I love anime- it'd be easier to just ask me which one's I like since there's a lot XD So if we become friends those are some things we can talk about besides Witchcraft ;P (tho I never get tired of talking about it lol). Please don't be shy! Message me <3

OH! I also like drawing (I drew my pfp) and I like to write! I mainly write short stories, fanfics, and poetry! And I LOVE Vocaloid! I've been listening to Vocaloid for over a decade so safe to say I'm a HUGE fan XD I'm weird so I like talking to other weird people ^^

I try to be on everyday and if not then I'll probs only be off for at most a week.

I LIVE for long convos and messages! Please send me whole PARAGRAPHS if you want to! I love messaging with new people about any topic. I'll even help you with spell/ritual work- tho keep in mind I might not be able to help you even if I want to ^*^