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Name: Hakate
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I am 16 and some strange things happend. after my 16 birthday I see things.... ghost or maybe demons but they want to attack me somtimes and that pretty scary ( i went to sleep and then i realized somthing is touching my had and that wad a nasty ugly hand i want to sream but i cant i was terryfied then when i seed the hand the hand goes under my bed . I want to search the hand but i just found a couple of black hair . I said to my pearents but nobody belive me . Then i search some things on the internet and i found witches and the ocult world . I learnd how to dont protect my self but it didnt work so first i want to learn how to peotect my self. And also interested about magic. Then i reallyzed when i have a power can i use it ? Then a creat ritual with snow and it works pretty good at that year the biggest snow was i my country in the middle spring when winter was gone (( i am not sure that i created but it workt and then i belived in magic :/ )) So yeah i can see things and make rituals with snow but i want to controll this i dont want to see demons all my life . I want learn all of magic and how to use it . My english is not pefect so sorry about words problem. I can also teach things to others because i learnd to curse peoples or use a vodo doll. I am really friendly with others and iam also sociable. My dream is to become a REAL WITCH not cooklers in the tv shows i want to see the magic real face !