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Name: RatQueen
Location: In the graveyard
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- Welcome to my profile -

I am not new to this website nor am I to magick. My current path at the moment is centered around death and necromancy. I have had close relationship to death ever since I was little. My fascination with it, as with all interest, began small but grew bigger as I got older. Though this is true I have also experienced a lot of loss within my life. I tend to cope with death better than most people, but there time where I get depressed and want to cry. I see the afterlife different than most people, though I do not consider it to be the actualfirm truth. My belief is that no one knows what happens after death and we should focus more on the present that living a life trying to be prepared for an afterlife that may not exist.


If you wish to message me, please come with a topic in mind. I find itirritating that a lot people don't have one and the conversation goes no where beyond "Hi" or "Whats up?".If you do have one in mind maybe we can chat about a thing or two. I am willing to answer questions and help people if needed. But please know I can be blunt when someone is wrong about something.