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Name: RatQueen
Location: Oblivion
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I guess this is where I should tell a little about myself, hm? I come from a strong Christian family so growing up wasn't easy for me. Especially, because I was not only a practitioner, but I was also a homosexual too! So, yes as you can tell it was fun growing up. My family now being some what tolerable of my beliefs, though not supportive, now love me for who I am.

My path starts with the outlook of psychology and mechanisms for necromancy. I try my best to have a factual reason why I believe and do something before I practice it. If I am wrong about something and you actually have the real answer, please feel feel to message me and maybe we can have a conversation. Some of my other practices come from LaVeyan Satanism and Chaos Magick, which in great detail I love a lot.

Concerning Mail

  1. If you message me anything that is impossible to do with magick I will not do anything but tell you the truth.
  2. Do not spam or troll me.
  3. I will answer questions to the best of my ability.
  4. I am not gonna add you on my Facebook or other social media outlets just because of some random reason. If I know you well enough I may.
  5. I don't teach, cast spells,or do readings for other people so don't ask.

To end this I will like to say that if ANY of you wish to message me about stuff that is making you upset or about anything you struggle with please know that my mail box is open for you 24/7. I am a very kind and sensitive person and knows how it feels lost, hurt, and broken. Remember always that suicide is never the answer nor is harming yourself.